About Yoav Astman

Yoav has been helping clients for over a decade with their residential and commercial needs specializing in the Westside, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and adjacent Greater Los Angeles areas.

Yoav is one of the most trusted real estate professionals in Southern California. His passion for excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction sets him apart from his professional peers which makes him a wonderful choice to meet all of your real estate needs.

Yoav has been involved in real estate since 1999 when he began doing home loans working at Washington Mutual Bank. After graduating from the California State University of Northridge, Yoav entered the title insurance industry as a sales associate. Very quickly, Yoav became an Assistant Vice President for United General title a division of First American Title.

Yoav utilizes his unique blend of real estate experience and market knowledge to meet and exceed his clients’ expectations. Through the years, Yoav has established a strong relationship with many banks, lenders, investors and other real estate professionals. His expertise and understanding of all stages in the real estate process directly benefit Yoav’s clients as he is able to negotiate on their behalf and get them the best possible deal for their real estate needs and wants.

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