Here’s why you need to sell with Yoav Astman and his team:

– We offer a diverse team of real estate professionals who will help us meet your goals faster and better than anyone person could

– Yoav Astman lives and breathes luxury real estate and so does his team. Our combined experience is your advantage

– Working with Compass Calabasas means you get Compass’ impressive resources as well. From technology to a powerful advertising machine – your property will be shown to as many people as possible

– Our customer service and communication are unparalleled – we will be with you every step of the way.


this property



Take a look at this property we sold.

When Yoav Astman activated the listing, it was new on the market and the offers came flooding in. Now, receiving offers is one thing – but taking those offers and leveraging them into the highest possible bid is where our expertise comes into place. Furthermore, our work before the listing went live is what really helped make this sell a special one. We managed to:

– Offer Compass Concierge services to the customer to invest into the home thereby immediately improving it to increase its value (Concierge service offers clients the opportunity to finance the investment so the sale covers and exceeds the cost of the upgrades)

– Spread information about the home significantly before it went live to our expansive network of resources

– Run ads on everything from ESPN to the biggest homebuyer resources

– Decorate areas of the home to enhance the look to make buyers need to have the property

And finally, after the offers came in – Yoav Astman’s relationships and experience with everyone who participated in every step of the home buying/selling blueprint helped us expedite the escrow process to ensure a smooth closing and allow each party to reach this new moment in their luxury real estate journey.

Whether you’re ready to sell or looking for answers, we’ll guide you with data and expertise specific to your area.

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