There’s a reason why ”BEST SCHOOLS IN CALABASAS” is one of the most common searches related to Real Estate in Calabasas. 53 percent of homebuyers with children under 18 said, in a recent survey, that “school district quality was an important factor in the home buying process”. If this is you, then check out this second report on Schools in Calabasas that details what’s here and why this is one of the MOST desired communities in southern California.



1. Little Learners Calabasas Klubhouse  Little Learners Klubhouse Calabasas

In December of 1998, the City of Calabasas purchased the 11.8 acres where the Calabasas Klubhouse now resides, with the hope of opening a state-of-the-art preschool for our community. Over the years, the Calabasas Klubhouse became recognized within the City of Calabasas and surrounding cities as one of the leading preschools in the area. They are a play-based preschool and strive to offer quality programs for young children, which support their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. They strive to provide a safe, well-supervised environment for children to play, learn and develop.



2. Round Meadow Elementary       Round Meadow Calabasas

Round Meadow Elementary is a Las Virgenes School District elementary school located right in the heart of Calabasas. It scores 5 out of 5 in Anti-bullying, Leadership, Character, Learning Differences, Homework, and Teachers. Many of the reviews highlight the emphasis the school places on both education quality and social skills development. One reviewer calls it a “hidden gem” as they highlight the Round Meadow Elementary Art and Computer programs. All in all, Round Meadow Elementary is a highly sought-after school in Calabasas for elementary-age children and for many families that are looking into Real Estate in Calabasas, this is a great choice.




3. A.C. Stelle Middle School       AC Stelle Middle School

A.C. Stelle Middle School is a high school preparation junior high that specializes in academic excellence as well as personal and social development. They have a mission statement that describes their dedication to guiding students in becoming not only responsible citizens but also effective communicators, cooperative workers, and critical thinkers with the aim of preparing them for not just academic pursuits but also real-world challenges and scenarios.




4. Muse Virtual      Muse Virtual Logo

Once located on Las Virgenes Rd., Muse School, now known as Muse Virtual, has gone completely online following the pandemic. It has retained the majority of its staff and benefited directly from having a complete program revolving around a virtual educational workplace. They offer what they describe as “passion based learning that encourage students to explore their interests in order to learn at a deep and meaningful level”. They not only emphasize the importance of learning core academics through their award teaching methods but, they also encourage students to be essential parts of their communities and to strive to make a difference in the areas they inhabit.



Real Estate in Calabasas Report: Schools (Part Two) Review

All in all, Calabasas has a wide variety of options for every age in both public and private schools. Whether you’re looking for preparation for high school or college itself or simply preparing your child for their first steps into the academic world, you can rest assured that looking for real estate in Calabasas will make your school search much easier! If you need more information regarding your home search, contact Yoav Astman and his team at The Astman Group and Compass.

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