Yoav Astman Calabasas Neighborhood Picks: Restaurants (updated June 2021)


Yoav Astman’s Calabasas Picks will go over what the best of this luxury Real Estate area has to offer in terms of restaurants. If you’re looking for a home in Calabasas or its nearby surrounding areas, pay close attention! Calabasas is without a doubt one of the most prestigious areas in the market right now. […]

Kardashian Hotspots in Calabasas: Restaurants


While doing a quick Google search on the Kardashians, this question kept popping up over and over again, “What salad do the Kardashians always eat?” If you are not a KUWTK super fan, you may be wondering why this question is relevant. But, if you have religiously watched all 20 seasons of KUWTK, you may […]

Real Estate Calabasas Report: Restaurants


Is there anything better than finding your dream home? Of course not! But, for some people, finding it can be difficult. Why? For many of us, location is everything. If you are looking into Real Estate in Calabasas and don’t know much of your new surroundings like the best wine-n-dine, you have come to the […]

9 Restaurants That Deliver in Woodland Hills


Although Los Angeles County’s Safer-at-Home mandates have asked restaurants to temporarily close their dining rooms, these nine restaurants have made their decadent menus available for delivery so that you can enjoy the food you love while staying safe at home H.O.M Italian Eatery If you’re craving homemade Italian cuisine but want to skip the hassle […]