Real Estate in Calabasas Report: Schools (Part Two)


There’s a reason why ”BEST SCHOOLS IN CALABASAS” is one of the most common searches related to Real Estate in Calabasas. 53 percent of homebuyers with children under 18 said, in a recent survey, that “school district quality was an important factor in the home buying process”. If this is you, then check out this […]

Calabasas Real Estate Report: Schools


One of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, once said: “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” And how do we invest in knowledge? By doing the same thing our parents did when we were little: finding the perfect school for us to go to. Finding the perfect school may take a while and […]

12 Family-Friendly Activities for When You’re Stuck Indoors


Think outside the box while staying indoors When you’re stuck inside, doing the same things can become quickly repetitive. Your family doesn’t have to be bored indoors. Here are a few ideas for family-friendly activities that everyone will enjoy. Painting Painting is a perfect way to spend an afternoon indoors at any age. Both children […]