Top 3 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A House


Have you been searching high and low for that dream house? There is nothing as satisfying as finally finding that perfect new home for you and your family! But before you take out that loan and sign those papers, there are a few things you should ask yourself before buying a house! Why? Well, buying […]

Calabasas Real Estate: Do I Need A Realtor?


No decision is as big and scary as buying a new house (or your first house)! But, many people have had great experiences due to having great realtors that helped them find the house of their dreams (and with realistic expectations). But, many also take the leap by themselves without a realtor. So, do you […]

5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A House


Have you dreamed of the day you take that first step into your new home with your family, knowing you’ll make wonderful memories there? From watching T.V. together in the living room to baking cookies in the kitchen and even spending long summer nights in your beautiful backyard. But before having this dream come true, […]

Calabasas Real Estate: Why Live In Calabasas?


If your only knowledge of the city of Calabasas is from what you’ve seen on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” or TMZ, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Known for being a hip, fit, community-focused, and gorgeous city, Calabasas is located just an hour north of L.A. and is well known for its affluent […]

Tips On How To Stage Your Home For An Open House!


When selling your home, you want it to look better than new! Having it squeaky clean before possible buyers come in is a must but, did you know that in order to have even more buyers, it’s important to stage your home? But, what is staging and how can we pull it off?     […]

Calabasas Real Estate Report: Should I Live In L.A.?


Whether you know it as “La La Land”, “The City of Angels”, or “Tinseltown”, Los Angeles is the Californian dream for many Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Moving to a city so diverse and unique is a privilege really and many don’t have that opportunity. But, if you are planning to move and L.A. is on […]

5 Tips to Find Your Perfect Home in Calabasas!


Whether it’s a virtual open house or you’re actually visiting the house, that first impression is everything! Why is it so important? Because even if it’s just 20 minutes, you can really get a sense of what the home offers and if you see yourself living there with your family. But how can we know […]

Keeping Up With Calabasas: Calabasas Living Score


Calabasas Living Score: Is it Good? There’s a reason why the Calabasas Living Score is higher than most cities. Actually, there are a lot of reasons why it’s living score is so high. And you might think, “wait but its score is barely 72 – how is that high?!” Well, when you consider that it […]

Compass Calabasas Agent Yoav Astman on 2021 Real Estate


2021 is past it’s half point mark and Compass Calabasas real estate agent Yoav Astman has some insights on what the Calabasas market is looking like as of July 2nd, 2021. Inventory Inventory in Calabasas as well as the majority of the country is understandably down. That being said, June saw 31 homes sold, compared […]

Yoav Astman Calabasas Neighborhood Picks: Restaurants (updated June 2021)


Yoav Astman’s Calabasas Picks will go over what the best of this luxury Real Estate area has to offer in terms of restaurants. If you’re looking for a home in Calabasas or its nearby surrounding areas, pay close attention! Calabasas is without a doubt one of the most prestigious areas in the market right now. […]