“I just happen to know the most delicious vegan place ever!” Over the past years, being a vegan or having a this lifestyle has become very popular. But, why? Many have sought the vegan diet due to their health, others to protect the environment, and most of all, for the sake of the animals. But, whether you have been a vegan your whole life or you’re just beginning, one thing is for sure: finding a plant based restaurant is challenging! To help all of you Angelenos out there, we bring you our Calabasas Real Estate Update: Best Vegan Restaurants (in the L.A County, of course)!


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1. Sage Plant Bistro – Agoura Hills


At Sage Plant Bistro, 90% of their produce comes from local farmers who are not only practicing organic and pesticide-free farming but also committed to regenerative agriculture. Not only is their food coming straight from the farm to your table, but they are also are super water-conserving, ecofriendly, and an animal-loving restaurant! With their website even explaining their posture on almond milk, using honey from bees, and recycling their silverware, this restaurant is vegan all the way!

Contact: sageveganbistro.com


2.   Plant B – West Covina


Plant B is actually a plant-based diet restaurant, serving every type of “impossible” burger and even sausages with a plant-based twist! Even though they utilize some dairy and egg products, their “meat” is 100% vegan and super delicious! Their slogan? “Make animal meat green with envy”!

Contact: Plantbtogo.com


3.   The Thyme Pizza- Winnetka


Nothing is quite as satisfying like a delicious, wood-oven-made pizza! But, when you have a special diet, like gluten-free or 100% veggie, finding the right pizzeria can be tricky. The Thyme Pizzeria not only offers 100% Italian dishes but also gluten-free and vegan pizzas! Talk about the best of both worlds!

Contact: Thethymepizza.com


4.        Beleaf Café –Westfield Topanga


This 100% plant-based restaurant is out to show Angelenos that vegan food is actually delicious and flavorful! They are famous for their variety of plant-based healthy junk food, burgers, tacos, and sandwiches! Coolest thing? This restaurant makes sure all their veggies and ingredients are locally sourced, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

Contact: beleafcafe.com


5.        Sugar Taco – Sherman Oaks


One of the main focuses behind the creation of Sugar Taco was to utilize the exciting concept of making a real difference in the world. They believe that good food and good ethics can go hand-in-hand! And their motto is just so inspiring! “Saving The World One Taco At A Time”! Serving everything Mexican, from vegan tacos to quesadillas and margaritas, they are all about going green!

Contact: sugartaco.com


Calabasas Real Estate Update: Best Vegan Restaurants! Review


So, whether it’s because of your diet or your personal choice, going vegan isn’t so difficult after all. Well, especially not in L.A. with so many different spots to choose from! Thinking about moving to the L.A. scene but don’t know where to start? Contact The Astman Group today.

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