Finding a real estate agent can be hard and finding a Calabasas real estate agent isn’t any easier. So here’s 5 tips to finding the real estate agent of your dreams in Calabasas (and honestly, anywhere else too!).

Tip #1 Check out their website

Seriously. You’d be surprised what you’ll find when you google “Calabasas Real Estate Agent” and you’ll be even more surprised by what you won’t find. If your agent has a slick and modern website, it’s a pretty good indicator that they both invest in themselves and that they are technologically savvy. Why is this important? You want your agent to do everything possible in selling your home or helping you find one. And the truth is that to do that, a real estate agent needs to be proficient with technology. Here’s why:

Over 90 percent of people initiate their home buying experience with a search engine. This means that digital marketing is key to get your home in front of the ideal buyer. A good agent will use this data to put your house in the right place and the right time. It’s more than just listing on Zillow. It’s also about identifying the ideal customer, profiling them and then using digital marketing to track them down. Calabasas is a highly competitive market but that doesn’t mean that all offers are going to be over asking price. A good Calabasas Real Estate agent knows how valuable it is to bring as many relevant eyes to your home and that means being intimate with technology.


CRMS are better than ever. Going digital also means more organization and efficiency. CRMs, customer relationship management software, means that your Calabasas real estate agent will be able to maximize their network by doing things the human brain simply cannot. A good CRM will mean that they are able to filter the ideal types of buyers, specific contacts, have accurate notes and have systems to respond to all interested parties.

So if your real estate agent in Calabasas or, anywhere for the matter, pulls out a rolodex – it’s time to run for the hills.

Tip #2 Check out who they work with, it matters.

There are a lot of agents who work with various real estate firms. Calabasas real estate agents belong to many firms, but the best truly stand out. Take for instance Compass. As a Compass agent, we’re able to not only leverage their massive network but we’re also able to offer things most agents can’t or at least not at the level Compass does it. For example, here are a few things Compass offers all their real estate agents:

Marketing Budgets – Agents with a marketing spend means they are both familiar with marketing and are also aware of how important it is to leverage the digital age we live in.

Compass Concierge – Finally, a hassle free way to sell your home faster than ever by using Compass’ Concierge program. How does it work? Anything from painting to flooring to complete do overs can be done and, even financed, so that your home’s value not only goes up but the selling process is even easier as viewers are stunned by the beauty of your house.

Reputation – Companies like Compass real estate don’t just work with any agent. If you’re looking for a Calabasas real estate agent, Compass will pair you with the best in the area. Knowing your real estate agent is with a prestigious real estate firm means peace of mind for you.

One other thing to keep in mind when choosing your Calabasas real estate agent guru… check out their reviews. Yelp and Zillow offer a good look into who works with them on a person to person level and what they thought. 

Tip #3 Have a chat with your real estate agent

Seriously, have a chat. Calabasas real estate agents are in a highly competitive area and so the options are too many to count when it comes to choosing one. That being said, even if they check all the boxes, have a chat with them. Get to know them. Trust your instincts when it comes to this very crucial decision in your life.

Written by : Yoav Astman

Yoav Astman has been helping clients for over a decade with their residential and commercial needs specializing in the Westside, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and adjacent Greater Los Angeles areas.

Yoav is one of the most trusted real estate professionals in Southern California. His passion for excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction sets him apart from his professional peers which makes him a wonderful choice to meet all of your real estate needs.

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