Calabasas Real Estate: Do I Need A Realtor?

Calabasas Real Estate: Do I Need A Realtor?

No decision is as big and scary as buying a new house (or your first house)! But, many people have had great experiences due to having great realtors that helped them find the house of their dreams (and with realistic expectations). But, many also take the leap by themselves without a realtor. So, do you really need a realtor in order to buy a house?

In one word: No. You don’t necessarily need a realtor in order to purchase a house. But, we will be honest with you…it’s a whole lot easier to buy a house with one! So, even though you can go solo, we are going to go over three benefits of working with one, especially if you are looking to buy in the Calabasas area.


  1. Searching for a House can be Time Consuming!

Do you think you’re an online house-searching expert? Think again! While searching online can be helpful, it’s not the same as really having great options and between your price range. Online pictures can be deceiving and you don’t want to spend your whole day looking at houses that just aren’t good enough. Also, did you know that not all listed houses are online? Some “off-market” listings are only available to real estate agents!

On the other hand, realtors will not only lead the search, but they will also find available homes that pop up during the day and help you discern which ones are worth it. And if you thought that the job ended with finding that perfect home, you are in or a treat! Add in scheduling all the home visits, conducting price negotiations, and navigating all the paperwork, and you have yourself another full-time job!

  1. Negotiate the Offer

Negotiating a house offer is not like those “empty warehouse bids” you see on T.V. And let’s be honest, negotiating is just something we don’t do normally – or at least you don’t see people negotiating grocery items or an Uber ride!

Real estate agents know their way around home negotiations and they know the market well, so they can advise you on inventory, home prices, and what you can expect in terms of best offers.

  1. The Process can be Confusing!

Buying a car? Easy. Buying a house? Not so easy. There are many legal loopholes, fancy terms, and complex jargon or terms that you may not understand and can even be confusing for someone who’s not well-versed in the real estate business.

Calabasas Real Estate: Do I Need A Realtor? Review

The bottom line is, even though you can go solo while buying a house, the best thing you can do is find a great realtor and trust 100% on him/her. If you are thinking about moving to Calabasas, contact Yoav Astman today.