Calabasas Real Estate Report: Should I Live In L.A.?

Calabasas Real Estate Report: Should I Live In L.A.?

Whether you know it as “La La Land”, “The City of Angels”, or “Tinseltown”, Los Angeles is the Californian dream for many Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Moving to a city so diverse and unique is a privilege really and many don’t have that opportunity. But, if you are planning to move and L.A. is on your wish list, you may be asking yourself, should I live in L.A.?


LA View


Tip#1 Drive Around L.A. Suburbs. Are there good schools nearby? (L.A. is known for having great schools in their district by the way!). Or, is there a supermarket, farmers market, or shopping center near where you can just hop in the car (or walk!) and get your groceries quickly?

Tip#2 Commuting Time. Everyone knows (and dreads) L.A. traffic. Even if you don’t live here, you know about how awful it can be. So, how far away is your ideal neighborhood from your workplace or kid’s school? Will you spend countless hours in traffic? Ask your realtor what he thinks is the best option for you to live in L.A. Neighborhoods like Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, and Tarzana are truly a dream to live in!


  • Great neighborhoods aside, L.A. is also a great place to live because of its climate. They say it never rains in Southern California, and because of that, it actually has a Mediterranean-style climate year-round. This amazing weather means you can enjoy the beach and some of LA’s best hikes practically any time you choose!

Visit: Santa Monica Pier! This unique pier contains a small amusement park, concession stands, and areas for views and fishing. And the best part is, with this amazing SoCal weather, you can go practically any time of the year!

Visit: Griffith Observatory! This is a popular tourist attraction with a close view of the Hollywood Sign and an extensive array of space and science-related displays. You can drive there or even hike there if you please! This climate is seriously a pro when thinking if you should live in L.A. or not!



  • If you’re a foodie, then you should definitely live in L.A.! With so much diversity in cultures, languages, and ethnicities, you will find almost any kind of food wherever you go! Craving Italian, Mexican, Korean, Armenian, or Southern American food? You will find the best cuisine in L.A., that’s for sure.

Go here: Zankou’s Chicken! They are a small, family-owned chain of Armenian and Mediterranean fast-casual restaurants within the Los Angeles area.

Go here: Nobu Malibu! Not only is it known for its eccentric seafood menu, but also its A-list Celebrity guests like the Kardashians! Yes, we had to talk about them in a Calabasas blog, how couldn’t we?


Calabasas Real Estate Report: Should I Live In L.A.? Review


Although moving to a different city, state, or zip code is such a big decision and must not be taken lightly, we hope our list of reasons for “why you should live in L.A.” has helped you, at least a little bit. And if you ever decide to actually move here, contact Yoav Astman of The Astman Group! He knows the best L.A. neighborhoods where you and your family can find your dream home and life.