Compass Calabasas Agent Yoav Astman on 2021 Real Estate

Compass Calabasas Agent Yoav Astman on 2021 Real Estate

2021 is past it’s half point mark and Compass Calabasas real estate agent Yoav Astman has some insights on what the Calabasas market is looking like as of July 2nd, 2021.


Inventory in Calabasas as well as the majority of the country is understandably down. That being said, June saw 31 homes sold, compared to 18 from the year before, and the average time on market for the typical home in Calabasas was nearly half of what it was last year in the same period. The Compass Calabasas report showed that the average house remained on the market for 61 days last year while this year it was 36 days.

What does this mean for real estate investors and first or second home buyers? It means that the market is hot and prices are going up. If you thought that buying a home in January was too late – you likely think that buying a home in July is even more late. The truth is that, as the Compass Calabasas Real Estate Guide says this month, is that as inventory becomes available more and more people are looking to buy.

Why Calabasas?


But why Calabasas? “That’s simple,” says Yoav Astman. “Calabasas and its surrounding areas has more than spotting Kardashians at restaurants. It has great schools, great hospitals, great weather and easy access to the best of Los Angeles.” When asked what recommendations he gives to future homeowners looking to buy with Compass in Calabasas, Yoav Astman of the Astman Group said, “Beyond the obvious of pre-qualifying and having your financials in order the best thing you can do is ask yourself WHY you want to buy. If you’re looking for a home that will go up in value, Calabasas offers that. If you’re looking for a home to raise your kids, few places are better than Calabasas. It all comes down to WHY.”

Compass Calabasas Report

So why is Calabasas such a hot area in an already hot market? Here are a few reasons:

  • Schools are some of the best. Las Virgenes School District is one of the best in the world.
  • Medical options are abundant. Calabasas and its surrounding areas have some of the best medical services available for people of all circumstances. Be it cosmetic, pediatricians, emergency services – Calabasas and the surrounding neighborhoods have it covered.
  • Restaurants galore. As the Compass Calabasas Real Estate analysis shows, whatever you want you’ll find in Calabasas. If you’re looking for a lovely coffee shop or a 5 star dining experience then you’ll find it here or nearby.
  • Celebrities live here for a reason. Hey, there’s more to Calabasas than celebrity sight-seeing. But the truth is that they come here for a reason. The neighborhoods, the ease of access and privacy it offers is incomparable and there’s a lot more the area offers.

All in all, whatever you’re looking for real estate wise – Calabasas has it covered. Our Compass Calabasas real estate team, the Astman Group and Yoav Astman, are here for you and ready to guide you every step of the way. Yoav has been working in Calabasas for years and knows the area intimately. Whether you are looking to sell or buy, we have what you need to meet your real estate goals. The Astman Group works out of Calabasas and serves the entire surrounding areas – from Agoura Hills to Woodland Hills to Toluca Lake.

If you’re looking for information on Calabasas or its surrounding areas, contact us through here or on social media at or you can call us directly to the number above.