Yoav Astman Calabasas Neighborhood Picks: Restaurants (updated June 2021)

Yoav Astman Calabasas Neighborhood Picks: Restaurants (updated June 2021)

Yoav Astman’s Calabasas Picks will go over what the best of this luxury Real Estate area has to offer in terms of restaurants. If you’re looking for a home in Calabasas or its nearby surrounding areas, pay close attention! Calabasas is without a doubt one of the most prestigious areas in the market right now. With ever-rising property values, some of the best schools in the state (the country in some instances), the ocean on one side and a fantastic shopping district on the other… it’s no wonder inventory in the area is limited and exclusive.

Yoav Astman’s Calabasas Restaurant Picks After California Opening (updated June 2021)

With everything open again, Calabasas restaurants are booming! Two of Yoav Astman’s Calabasas favorites are without a doubt King’s Fish House and Marmalade Café. King’s Fish House has a wide variety of fresh seafood with details that really make it stand out. Love Oysters? They have dozens of different Oyster varieties that change in size, flavor, and quality. Looking for the fancy lobster dinner or a perhaps something a little low-key? Well from their buttered lobster catch of the day to their famous lobster rolls – you can’t go wrong when that panging for seafood comes knocking.

Marmalade Café on the other hand offers the closest thing to France in the Calabasas Area. Yoav Astman’s Calabasas food reports often include Marmalade for a reason. He recommends their famous French toast, chicken pot pie or their steak fritte with a side of fried onions.  Whatever time of the day, Marmalade Cafe has something for you. Yoav Astman says, “I honestly love the food as much as the ambience. Water flowing, a fish pond and excellent service definitely make this a spot we go to often when we’re in the mood for something other than a large meal.”

Marmalade Cafe Logo

If you’re looking for something healthier or perhaps vegan friendly then Pedalers Fork is just the place for you. “The brunch is definitely not as healthy as many of its popular menu items, ” says Yoav Astman. “However, it’s a great opportunity for both business or just a Sunday with the family.” Some of their most sought after items are their Forbidden Salad, any of their wraps and their vegan flatbreads.

What about something a little more casual? Yoav Astman’s Calabasas casual spot recommendation is Lovi’s Delicatessen and it is hands down one of the best to satiate both your appetite and need for something a bit more on the go. Having all the classics of a true deli, their roast beef and pastrami are simply delightful. Portions are big, sides are abundant and their bread is homemade. “You can’t go wrong with Lovi’s – whatever the time, whatever the occasion, it’s definitely a favorite of ours when we’re looking for something to order in or somewhere to go when we’re pressed for time,” says Yoav Astman.

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The truth is that Calabasas has an abundance of options for great food, on the go or not. Check out our Restaurant report that highlights some of the local celebrity hotspots for more information.