Kardashian Hotspots in Calabasas: Restaurants

Kardashian Hotspots in Calabasas: Restaurants

While doing a quick Google search on the Kardashians, this question kept popping up over and over again, “What salad do the Kardashians always eat?” If you are not a KUWTK super fan, you may be wondering why this question is relevant. But, if you have religiously watched all 20 seasons of KUWTK, you may even know the answer to this question. (Chinese Chicken Salad, FYI.) The Kardashian family are California royalty and, more specifically, Calabasas royalty. Not only has the whole family lived there for many years, but, their favorite places to go out and dine are there too. So, how does one become a Kardashian? Simple. By buying real estate in Calabasas and trying out every place they have gone to. (Jk.) But, thanks to great real estate agents like Yoav Astman of The Astman Group, buying a home in Calabasas is possible. And thanks to the internet, we know exactly where to go eat, just like a true Kardashian.

  1. Health Nut         Health Nut Calabasas Logo

Yes, the famous “Kardashian salads” are from Health Nut! Established in 1988, Health Nut is a family-owned business that started as a vitamin store. Now, they serve everything, from healthy and delicious salads to vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian meals. The best part? You can even buy their famous dressing to make your delicious salads at home!


  1. Marmalade Café          Marmalade Cafe Logo

Marmalade Café (being Kourtney and Scott’s go-to place while they were still together), opened its doors in 1990 in Santa Monica. Today, this café has 6 different locations across Los Angeles County and each one is unique in its design and décor. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this neighborhood café offers Angelenos excellent, fresh, and innovative food. Want to check it out yourself?

  1. Nobu Malibu        Nobu Malibu Logo

Who doesn’t remember that memorable episode where Caitlyn and Kris reunited for Kylie’s 18th birthday at Nobu? Nobu is not only a Kardashian hotspot but an A-list celebrity hotspot in general. Nobu Malibu, co-owned by the one and only Robert De Niro, is a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is known for its extravagant but delicious menu. Don’t believe us? The restaurant offers a seven-course Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef banquet for $688 a person. Now that is dining like a Kardashian!


  1. Lovi’s Delicatessen    Lovis Deli Calabasas Logo

What all started as a dream of Mr. David Lovi of opening up his own Delicatessen in 1974 has now become a famous L.A. hotspot. While their menu serves the traditional Jewish meal that a Deli should have, they also offer an eclectic array of international and American cuisine. But don’t just take our word for it! Khloé took to Instagram her love for Lovi’s famous black and white cookies by posting a story of her holding a box filled with them! If the Kardashians approve of them, what can us, mere mortals expect them to be other than DELICIOUS!?


Kardashian Hotspots in Calabasas: Restaurants Review

Whether it’s having breakfast or lunch like a true Kardashian, we can find it all in Calabasas. We can even find our dream home there too! If you need more information regarding your home search, contact Yoav Astman and his team at The Astman Group and Compass.