Is it a good time to invest into Real Estate?

Is it a good time to invest into Real Estate?

Is it a good time to invest into the Real Estate market? Well, Varde, a major real estate investor, has made a a massive investment in real estate estimated to be worth over $250 million toward only three different transactions. And Varde isn’t alone. Thousands of individuals, let alone investment firms, are investing into real estate in 2021 for a reason.

Invest into Real Estate now or Later

It’s easy to see what you can learn from this quarter of a billion dollar investment. The demand for single-family homes in fast-growing is across the country and the trends established by COVID-19 all point upward in everything but inventory. How many people have thought, “I’ll wait until it dips because of the pandemic/election/winter/etc.” only to see it to steadily rise over time? Take for instance Woodland Hills.

Woodland hills has seen a consistent 8 to 12 percent growth annually in the last 2 years. In fact, as of February 8th, there are nearly 200 listings – many of which are well past the million dollar mark all the way into the 3M+ and onward zone.


Calabasas, Encino, Studio City and many other Valley areas in Los Angeles are proving to become great real estate investment markets for people and businesses alike.

But the questions is: now or later?

Mortgage rates for today are at 2.81%. In 2019 before the pandemic? Around 3.8%. In other words, despite inflation of certain properties – the savings in the current rates are optimal for investing long term. In the short term, as values continue to rise, the opportunities are just as good. Real Estate investing in Los Angeles has never been better.

Unfair Advantages

As you may know or not, real estate investing has been the most successful investment tool in modern times. And as such, has been primarily an investment asset pursued by wealthy, experienced real estate moguls. 2020 onward however – everything has changed. More and more people are empowered financially to begin investing in prime real estate markets as property values have surged across the country and mortgage rates dropping to near historic lows. In essence, the real estate market as an investment option is open to more people than ever. With a great real estate agent, searching for a real estate investment opportunity in Los Angeles has never been easier.

Yoav Astman and the Astman Group have been serving the luxury real estate market for their clients for decades now. Together with Compass Real Estate, you’ll have everything you need to get started on your real estate investing in Los Angeles.