Luxury Real Estate in Woodland Hills

Luxury Real Estate in Woodland Hills

Luxury Real Estate in Woodland Hills 2021

If you’re interested in buying or selling luxury real estate in Woodland Hills this year – then you like have many questions. What’s the market like? What did 2020 show? Is it worth it to buy and invest in Real Estate in Woodland Hills? What are the best areas? Fortunately, Yoav Astman has decades worth of experience in Woodland Hills and surrounding areas. As a luxury real estate agent, here are Yoav’s answers to the questions mentioned.

Looking at Luxury Real Estate in Woodland Hills

Everything grew in 2020 and that’s no surprise. For example, Zillow reports that the typical value for a home in Woodland Hills is around $918,000 plus on average. That’s a little under a 10 percent increase from 2019 and what is projected for 2021 is actually over 10 percent! The growth is the reason why investing in real estate in Woodland Hills holds great value and why inventory is selling off pretty quickly.

For instance, on the high end – you have properties like 23042 Calvert St. in Woodland Hills. A stunning 9bed, 11bath, 9,000sqft home settled on a 0.82acre lot.


The luxury behind this property is undeniable. It has all the features you’d expect from a luxury home: open spaces, a pool, recreational rooms, and much, much more. Keep in mind that this property was last sold for $975,000 in 2016! The value and growth is undeniable when you consider this 400 percent increase came in only 4 years.

So, what kind of properties exist on the other end of the luxury real estate market in Woodland Hills? Well, you have incredible $50,000 lots that won’t last long. But you also have lower valued homes starting around $600,000 plus like this Topochico Dr. real estate property. So, what’s the best move if you are selling or buying in Woodland Hills? Yoav Astman, Compass Luxury Real Estate agent says, “The best time is always now. Growth has been consistent. 5 years ago higher end properties idled at around 700k and are now pushing well past a million. If you want to buy, buy  now. If you want to sell, sell now. Whether values dip or not, as long as you can sustain the payment – luxury real estate tends to grow over time regardless of a down year or not.”

As to Woodland Hills as an area Yoav acknowledges that, “Woodland Hills is one of the best areas to live in. Commercial access is at hand. The canyons to the beach is close. Celebrities live here. Families live here. Couples live here. Single people live here. It’s varied, it’s trending upward, it’s a great area.”