Luxury Homes in Hidden Hills Celebrity Edition

Luxury Homes in Hidden Hills Celebrity Edition

Why Miley Cyrus, Scott Disick and Kylie Jenner Love Luxury Homes in Hidden Hills

What do Scott Disick and Miley Cyrus have in common when it comes to luxury homes in Hidden Hills? They own or have owned property in Hidden Hills is what they have in common. Our work and experience in this area easily helps us understand why they have chosen to buy, live and invest here.

First let’s look at their homes in Hidden Hills.

Scott Disick

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star recently sold a nearly $6M home this past month but owns more luxury real estate in Hidden Hills. Luxury homes in Hidden Hills are widely available. 

The contemporary farmhouse was the 37-year-old’s second home in California. He also owns a seven-bed, seven-bath property in the Hills, which he purchased in 2015 for $5,960,000. As for the home in question? He bought it in 2018 for $3,235,000. Meaning that he nearly doubled the home’s value essentially netting $1.5M per year. So, as you can tell luxury real estate in Hidden Hills has more to offer than owning a beautiful home in a lovely area.

“Luxury real estate is more than just having a place to call home. While real estate in general is a sound investment, luxury real estate has gains that normal real estate doesn’t”  says Yoav Astman, Calabasas and Hidden Hills luxury Real Estate agent.

Here are some pictures of his recently sold home:

5474 Jed Smith Rd Hidden Hills, CA 91302 

$5,600,000  Sold Price
5 Beds  5.5 Baths 5,663 Sq. Ft. $989 / Sq. Ft. Built: 1973

Hidden Hills Property Overview Picture Scott-Disick-Home-Sold

Home Pool View Property

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is another celebrity who decided upon investing into the luxury real estate market. The question you might be asking is, “Is it worth it today to invest in luxury homes in Hidden Hills? Especially considering that Disick sold at current market price?!”

Yoav Astman says, “YES! Consider that Disick sold at 5M and Miley bought at 5M. Miley has professionals to help her find markets that will give them a lifestyle that they want but also that serves as an investment for the future. If they are doing, there’s a reason for it.” As for Disick’s decision? Yoav comments, “Back in 2018 when he bought – many people probably said the same thing. 2 years later? He’s bagged 1.5M.”

The potential of each property varies. In the case of Miley Cyrus, she bought her Hidden Hills luxury home for $5M and sold for $5M – breaking her even. But Kylie Jenner then swooped in and razed the place to then net about $15M in a recent sale. Yes, Kylie Jenner tripled her investment by investing into the Hidden Hills real estate market.

“Miley bought a 6,500-square-foot, seven-bedroom home along with 10-stall barn and a whopping vineyard with 550 grape vines. Jenner then took the property, razed it and sold it for development for $15m. That’s the market for you, ” says Yoav. In either case, no money was technically lost. Disick made a profit. Miley broke even. Jenner tripled her investment.

Long-Valley-Miley-Cyrus-Ranch  Long-Valley-Hidden-Hills-Lot